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      Deputy secretary of municipal party committee of new Sun Yong a line to visit our company

      發布日期:2016-08-18    瀏覽次數:3499

      Harmony photoelectric Xu Qi reported


      On August 16, 2016 at 9 PM, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of maanshan new Sun Yong accompanied by the development zone management committee secretary li qiang and other leaders of the visit our company, our company general manager Kang Jian Yang Dong.he, deputy chief engineer, assistant general manager Zheng Yuan Zhi Ye Yong received visiting leaders, and sales director.

      The secretary just took office, the sun will come to visit our company, to understand our production

      Visible management situation, ma on shan has always been the heart of the municipal party committee of harmony development, harmony development zone is also regarded as economic and technological development zone industrial transformation outstanding representative of the enterprise.

      With the early sun, secretary of the ma on shan to harmony is not very understanding, believe that after this site visit and kang total harmony leading graphic presentation, will be in harmony as the only country to have a semiconductor light emitting chip production ma on shan left a very deep impression of strategic emerging industries.