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      Municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision led to our research quality demonstration site creation

      發布日期:2016-08-17    瀏覽次數:3346

      Harmony photoelectric Xu Qi reported


      On August 9, 2016, 4 PM on Tuesday, the city bureau of quality and technical supervision, coke, zhu minister and party chief, a line of four people to our research quality demonstration site to create work, our assistant chief engineer xiang dong.he, quality department minister Liu Xintao Xu Qi received visiting leaders, technical project manager.

      First, Chen on behalf of harmony coke chief line are warmly welcome to our company inspection quality demonstration site the creation of the work. Chen said, to create enterprise harmony in maanshan as a quality demonstration centers and jointly participate in maanshan city acceptance work of "the national quality demonstration city" are deeply honored. Harmony in maanshan city ", the pursuit of excellence "spirit of quality, in" the government attaches great importance to the quality, the pursuit of quality, social advocate quality, everyone pay attention to the quality of the atmosphere gradually grow, grow. Harmony can realize three years sales four hundred million, four years in the industry's top six, five years to master the world's leading purple light LED chip technology and so on the many industry legend and harmony attaches great importance to the quality of work are inseparable. Our company from its inception to quality management as the cornerstone for the development of the company. Put forward the "scientific management, continuous innovation, continue to provide customers satisfactory products and quality service" the quality policy, at the same time of implementing policy has passed the ISO9001 quality certification, ISO14001 environmental certification, and ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification. Company produces the high quality epitaxial wafer, chip and so on more than 10 product get unanimous favorable comment of customer, product image of harmony has also is famous for its quality. Although our time is not long established, but the vision. "China quality prize" is the highest in the field of quality management award, on behalf of the international advanced quality management concepts and methods, won the national quality prize is not only an honor, but also in the industry set up a measure of the pursuit of excellence, reflects the image of an enterprise in the industry. Harmony will be one step a footprint, steadfast to do a good job of enterprise quality management, implement quality management policy, integrated into the quality control method, from "the mayor award" to "provincial quality prize" to the "China quality prize" step by step to finish our dream.

      Then liu minister harmony as a quality work, one of the direct manager to monitor the leadership has made the brief. Minister liu from enterprise development to honor, quality to the enterprise standardization work from the enterprise strategy and enterprise brand strategy, from the enterprise quality of five tools apply to three quality activities carried out one by one to visit led a brief report. Harmony although founded time is not long but quality has made no small achievements. Harmony senior leadership attaches great importance to quality management, and constantly summarizes the deficiencies and advantages of the quality of work, around the "scientific management, continuous innovation, continue to provide customers satisfactory products and quality service" quality policy, the company and quality of the company regularly organize quality training, development and construction to carry out the QC team to live with "three and two sorrow" activities, in the excitation of merit activities, and participation of the company. Quality department soon put forward about the company's product quality influence to the deep "circulation process reengineering plan". The plan calls for all departments regularly try to feedback to process continuously review, the plan for various departments for process flow, system file to rethink put forward a new management mode and idea, this is management system theory and the reality the deepening our innovative measures at a time. Through process reengineering, make the company more reasonable and perfect quality management system. Continuous optimization and progress, combined with the five tools of reasonable utilization and sustainable development of the three major activities and deepening the connotation of the quality management and culture. With the improving of the quality management and improvement, our company has obtained ISO9000 certification and TS16949 certification, let the traditional theory of the ISO9000 quality system and TS16949 into harmony in fresh blood and formed into a harmony characteristics of quality management system.

      After hearing the report chief of coke for harmony since set up such a short time so much, the quality of the results said that harmony as quality demonstration city for one of the pilot sites are full of confidence, and volunteered to visit our production workshop. Then accompanied by xu manager to visit leadership through our visit corridor, visited the company's part of the production workshop introduces the extension of our semiconductor light-emitting devices, chips and production process, applications to a variety of products. Bureau of focal line after the visit to our scientific and technological content. When he left, pose pledges inspect bureau leadership and our leadership, this research accomplished.