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      Ma an shan station phase ii project to our report

      發布日期:2016-08-17    瀏覽次數:3107

      Harmony photoelectric Xu Qi reported

      At 9 am on August 5, 2016, ma an shan station reported to our phase ii project, our company deputy general manager Yang Dong, deputy chief engineer xiang dong.he were interviewed.

      Chen introduced to: "harmony phase ii project commenced its construction in December 2014. The 30 million investment for the complex building of 9 layer and 3 layer for the construction of the production workshop, and additional investments for epitaxial, chips and other supporting equipment and facilities purchase. Project after the new extension capacity 500000 piece, chip 5 billion. Annual sales revenue increased by 200 million yuan. The ninth floor office building has been completed, is in the midst of the decoration, is expected to enter office at the end of October, when the original office space will be empty for preliminary the expansion of the production workshop, in addition to this second phase increases production workshop also have finished piling work for late be ready."

      Yang always supplement "phase ii expansion project was slow progress is due to 15 years in the market, the semiconductor LED chips as the main business of our company product widely played in half, the whole industry into small profit era, enterprises in the industry mergers and restructuring to become the norm, 16 years market gradually warming, increase the confidence of enterprises continue to expand investment, after the second phase is expected to expand produces we will achieve double capacity of the size of the chip 8 billion, sales income exceeding 500 million yuan."