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      Anhui "decision" magazine editor to our research

      發布日期:2016-08-17    瀏覽次數:3162

      Harmony photoelectric Xu Qi reported


      At 11 o 'clock on August 5, 2016, anhui "decision" magazine editor and edit the development zone of the propaganda department director zhang accompanied by our research. Our company deputy chief engineer xiang dong.he has hosted visiting personnel.

      "Decision" founded more than ten for years, located in the "focus on the public decision events, discuss the public decision making art, public decision-making, travel, and analysis of public decision-making case", by the readers as a "leadership decisions necessary", "dare to tell the truth" and "accountability" magazine, successively by the competent department of press and publication "China periodicals phalanx double-effect periodical", "east China excellent journal", "anhui province won the first prize in top journals.

      The decision-making magazine into harmony, presumably also stand in the forefront of reform and innovation, into so many like harmony in anhui province in strategic emerging industries and city industry transformation and upgrading of the forefront of a line of high-tech enterprises, for the reform of the government innovation, promote the development of the real economy to provide accurate reasonable "decision".