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      Tongling municipal party committee leadership one line to visit our company

      發布日期:2016-06-28    瀏覽次數:3115

       On June 18, 2016 at 9 PM, swaying with the of xi resembles a light rain, the sky in tongling city guo-quan song, Chen Liangping, director of the standing committee, secretary of municipal party committee of the CPPCC chairman GuYaWei et rate team lead in tongling city municipal party committee of a leadership in maanshan Zhang Xiaolin secretary of municipal party committee, vice mayor li qiang Fang Xiaoli, development zone, and accompanied by the head of glowei, director of visit to our company. Our Ye Yong Zheng Yuanzhi, kang jian, general manager assistant to the general manager, sales director, deputy chief engineer xiang dong.he people received the visiting leaders, etc.

      Secretary zhang are very concerned about the development of harmony through waiting for brother tongling city before the arrival of the leadership of the precious time to always understand the recent development status of enterprises, kang always real reporting to the secretary for the short, last year the market situation is grim, big price war to accelerate the industry reshuffle will force many small and medium-sized enterprises of the industry to the edge of bankruptcy. Harmony can survive in the ebb tide, the former market contrarian expansion and maintain a certain development, in the industry have already is not easy. Secretary zhang to kang nodded, always can have a such entrepreneurs say relief on the ma on shan, also hopes to grasp the good time to strive to harmony industry upstream, the government will also continue to help enterprises to develop bigger and stronger.



      Harmony as a private high-tech enterprises, relying on its own efforts and the support of the government of the rapid development become the vanguard of industry transformation of ma on shan, silently on in his post play an exemplary role. It is because of the harmony of people struggle this endeavor, enterprise spirit of never yielding and dare to be I dare, dare to lead social spirit and avoid arrogance, the revolutionary spirit of selfless devotion to the cause harmony constantly get the favour of provinces and cities and even the national departments leadership and attention. Harmony is the typical representative of maanshan city national industry now, the future will be a shinning pearl of industrial countries and the world, attracting more well-known both at home and abroad to visit to learn.