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      CPPCC and united front work department leaders visit jiangxi harmony photoelectric

      發布日期:2016-05-26    瀏覽次數:3242

      On May 12, 2016, in order to Wang Yuji deputy director of the CPPCC economic committee, deputy secretary of provincial party committee united front work department zhi-ping hu came to visit our company guide work. CPPCC vice chairman and secretary of municipal party committee united front work department Xie Xinming, wen-bin he deputy secretary of municipal party committee united front work department, district party committee standing committee member and minister of united front yan-ping yi accompanied by inspection. Assistant general manager of the harmony of jiangxi province, department of comprehensive Zou Haohong main reception company are introduced. Zou minister introduced the enterprise production scale and sales performance, product manufacturing process, etc., wang, director of heard that we are to use for sapphire substrate for epitaxy chip production, detailed understanding of the sapphire substrate and the silicon substrate production technology difference and two kinds of substrate market situation, and understand that two kinds of epitaxial substrate LED chip in the future development trend, and said the provincial and municipal departments will increase on relevant policies to support based on sapphire substrate LED related enterprises.

      Vice-governor of united front work department, the province line leaders to reach harmony of jiangxi province


      Zou secretary for the united front work department of CPPCC, province leadership on company development