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      Companies participate in the light of photoelectron industry association photoelectric device branch council meeting

      發布日期:2016-05-23    瀏覽次數:3146

      April 21-22, 2016, xiang dong.he on behalf of the company to participate in the Chinese optical photoelectron industry association photoelectric device branch in chengdu at the 10th meeting of the 6th council.

      The moderator: association secretary general sale rain

      To attend the meeting: the leadership of the ministry of electronic integrated circuit Guo Lili, 13 institute, association Yang Kewu, China's semiconductor lighting/LED union off white secretary-general, China light industry and application of optoelectronic industry association secretary-general wang.

      Feng-yi jiang invited experts: nanchang university vice-chancellor.

      Wave of enterprise delegates to the conference: uh guano Zheng Tiemin chairman, lotus, deputy general manager is king in xi 'an province, jiangxi lianchuang jammy wong technology, xiamen hualian Ye Likang deputy general manager, deputy director lattice lighting wang, vice President, gallium in semiconductor Ding Xiaomin always help, harmony photoelectric xiang dong.he secretary, deputy chief engineer, the star light electric peak Shanghai think nic is coming is always help, HuaCan GanWenJing manager, xiamen dried according to zhang yong, director of shenzhen TuMengLong lehman, hefei general blue Liu Yazhu minister, ningbo, hangzhou distance spectrum guo-fang xu vice President, guangzhou hong lu zhi-jun guo vice President days steel engineers, changzhou power Zang their prospective, display branch, director zhang, general manager of China electronic newspaper editor zhao morning.

      A. Leadership to speak

      1. The association Yang Kewu spoke first welcome representatives to attend the meeting, he said to enlarge the influence of society, the laser related businesses also absorb the association, and said the next meeting by China light association, display branch, photoelectric devices branch jointly organized, expand the influence.

      2. Ministry of electronics department of integrated circuit Guo Lili, light association, wang always delivered speeches.

      2. Association secretary general association of amara rain do summary report:

      2014-2015 annual summary

      1. The association harmony photoelectric, HuaCan successfully convened in ma on shan the 14th the national LED industry development and technology conference. Collect 35 papers, meeting published 17, 6 paper best paper award. Five industry experts to do the special technical report, four experts made excellent report on entrepreneurial BBS and delegates the interactive communication. During the ma on shan Zhang Xiaolin secretary of municipal party committee met with liang-hui Chen academicians and some experts.

      2. Preparation and hosting the domestic well-known brand campaign, finally determine 7 chip companies, seven packaging companies won the award for the domestic well-known brand.

      3. To undertake shijiazhuang semiconductor lighting industry innovation and development forum.

      4. Push the beijing-tianjin wing integration, create positive definite integrated circuit industry base, assist in shijiazhuang shijiazhuang semiconductor industry association (development and reform commission (NDRC) was founded.

      5. Assist in shijiazhuang city technology bureau established in shijiazhuang optoelectronic industry technology innovation strategic alliance.

      6. Group member units in 2014 and 2015 annual Chinese LED industry.

      7. To assist member units to do relevant work of project application.

      8. Assist in China and application of semiconductor lighting/LED industry union do in shenzhen, Shanghai electronics, peak BBS and related meetings.

      9. Actively recruit new members, and the domestic related industry group interaction, enhance the association's influence.

      10. For the government and industry organizations provide source material for industry.

      11. The branch membership dues and financial reporting.

      12. In the process of the 15th session of the national LED industry development and technology conference (2016 - LED).

      13. Organization completed the domestic LED industry well-known brand "campaign.

      In 2016 work plan

      1. Prepare a photoelectric devices branch of the 10th meeting of the 6th council.

      2. Prepare the 15th national LED industry development and technology conference.

      3. Continue to cooperate with local government and associations.

      4. Perfect the club website, update the website information.

      5. Preparation done.

      3. The 15th general assembly to undertake units report meeting

      Organizer: changzhou cheng, general manager of united power Zang its quasi detailed introduces the changzhou geographical, cultural, transportation, industry, environment and the readiness meeting, the delegates to the final agreed association meeting held in changzhou.

      4. The second (2015-2016) LED well-known domestic brands

      Association deputy secretary-general NiuXiaoQing introduces the selection rules, online voting and expert scoring, concurrent form on-site scoring link, the final six chips and nine packaging enterprises was elected domestic famous brands. Harmony and photoelectric elected chip companies domestic famous brands.

      5. Experts report

      1. China and application of semiconductor lighting/LED industry union off white jade, secretary general of made the new direction of LED industry present situation and development in China, "the report.

      2. Feng-yi jiang nanchang university vice-chancellor made the GaN base yellow LED technology progress report.

      3. The enterprise communication

      On the advice of the association, director Chen, targeted the various enterprises in accordance with the requirements for the speech. On behalf of harmony photoelectric firstly briefly introduced the development, production and operation situation of harmony, in view of the association of work put forward its own views, mainly is the bridge association effect, strengthen the communication with the government, providing the basis of the policy to the government, help enterprises to understand the policy, and carry out technical exchanges, promote the development of the enterprise, industry and domestic equipment promotion Suggestions are mentioned, finally proposed WeChat group, facilitate communication, received a warm response from the representatives, immediately organized by association WeChat group, received immediate results.

      The delegates to the final pose. The next meeting. Bye.