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      Company to ministry of semiconductor lighting technology standard working group meeting

      發布日期:2016-05-23    瀏覽次數:3273

      On May 12-13, 2016, held in fuzhou xiang dong.he represent company ministry of semiconductor lighting technology standard working group meeting.

      Meeting presided over by the workgroup secretary-general Zhao Ying, the meeting is a representative of the relevant enterprises and units, first discuss the four national and industry standards, the light-emitting diode chip spot measurement method (xiamen three photoelectric bear), the thermal characteristics of light emitting diode module transient test method "(to semiconductor) of Chinese academy of sciences, are the general lighting of LED modules and components performance test methods (hangzhou zhejiang university trichromatic instrument co., LTD.), the LED light bar standard committee (anhui province the letter). Delegates four criteria for the full discussion, thought the generic lighting LED modules and components performance test method, the standard covers the range is too wide, some is the forefront of industry, technology itself is uncertain, so bad to do standards, hope to reduce the scope of certain areas, targeted for standards.

      Then members of congress

      To attend the meeting with the leadership of the ministry of industry and the semiconductor lighting technical standards team leader Mr Ding Wenwu, deputy head of Mr Peng Wanhua, secretary general of the China LED semiconductor lighting industry alliance with application close ms white jade, the meeting shall be presided over by Zhao Ying secretary-general. First by Ding Wenwu leader delivered a speech.

      He talked about the LED industry development quickly in recent years, there are a lot of standards can't keep up with the development of the product, the product quality of confusion, so we must speed up the standards, has recently introduced a lot of standards, the development of industry have played an important role specification, experts still need all of you to speed up the progress and intensify efforts to develop more and better standards, norms and accelerate the development of industry, at the same time hope to comply with various units of the working group system, pay the membership fee on time, don't take advantage of others.

      Secretary general of the China and application of LED semiconductor lighting industry alliance off white lady introduces the LED to the development of the situation and some views of the industry. As well as the requirements for the working group.

      Finally Zhao Ying, secretary general of the 2015 annual work summary and 2016 annual work focuses on:

      1. The standard system revision work

      2. The standard job application

      3. Participate in information industry technical standards BBS on both sides of the Taiwan straits

      4. Money income and usage

      5. 2016 work plan

      Ministry of semiconductor lighting technology standard working group members took a group photo