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      City people do to our research innovation team building

      發布日期:2015-12-29    瀏覽次數:3223

      On December 25, 2015, about 10 o 'clock in the morning, the municipal party committee organization department minister Yang with the talent to do a line to visit our company to introduce technology leading comrade Zhou Debao related situation, our company general manager assistant Zheng Yuanzhi, chip Cao Xiping, deputy chief engineer, minister xiang dong.he as innovation team received a visit to the leadership of the leadership.

      First, Chen as a representative of the innovation team led by welcomed the visiting leaders. Then Chen from innovation team of independent research and development of science and technology, advanced technological achievements, won the honor certificate, organizing national assembly as well as the talent team construction and so on five big aspects made brief Yang minister of one by one.

      Minister cao, Chen, zheng is always communicate with leading experts team construction experience

      Minister Yang is the outcome of the innovative team of harmony praised

      Minister Yang listen to the report, while for harmony innovation team great affirmation, but also on the team to create the performance of the praise. Eventually he hopes to continue to maintain the harmony innovation team this forward momentum constantly develop the new scientific and technological personnel, in guarantee under the premise of enterprise development is growing stronger!

      Industry experts review reports to Chen

      Minister Yang, section chief experts such as xing and innovation team leaders on behalf of the pose